I’m back

After silence for somewhat half a year, I am finally back on my virtual creative space. I have been wanting to blog again for quite some time by now, but unfortunately I have been having too many distractions taking my time to sit down and write. However, now I am back, and I cannot wait to get into blogging again.

For the newcomers, I will hereby introduce myself a little, and you can also read about my future plans for this creative space.

My name is Ida Marie and I am the mind behind Atelier Krogbeck, my personal creative page in cyberspace (it sounds kind of dorky). Here I will invite you all into  my mind and life and give you a peep into what subjects interests me, however, the overall keywords for Atelier Krogbeck is home, travel and lifestyle. I started this blog with the idea of creating a space filled with home decor, design and home inspiration, since I though I missed a blog for such themes. However, this site has developed into a site not only for home decor, but to include culture and travel as well, as these are two passions of mine.

As mentioned, I have some future plans for Atelier Krogbeck. I plan on incorporate way more travel and culture, but I cannot stop blogging about home decor and design, so this will still be a part of Atelier Krogbeck. Furthermore, I have plans of changing the layout, but this will happen continuously.

I hope you will enjoy my site, and please do not hesitate contacting me if you have any suggestions or requests.

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